The Coricancha



This is a work of utter brilliance! The sheer precision of this masterpiece boggles the mind. No mortar is used here to set the stones in place yet the walls are solid, you cannot push them over. Take a look from above –




How about that! Look at the way the stones fit together you cannot get a human hair between them. Simply amazing. Now let’s close in on the stone work –


See the niche? That’s there to stop the stone sliding during an earthquake. The stone cannot passover it unless it lifts up the stones above it. Genius! Again look at the beauty in this stone work –


What can you say? And then we have this –


Well I’m dumbfounded how about you?

One final note about this astounding work of art is when you take away all the surrounding walls which were built later and also the protective roof remember one thing ….. this was built in a JUNGLE!



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