Original Hanan Pacha Builders



This style is as baffling as any style could possibly be. None of it makes any sense to a modern western viewers eye. Civilisations mainly build houses to live in but you can’t live in this style of building, it’s decorative or functional but certainly not built for shelter. Civilisations use materials which are easy for them to build with so for the very ancient civilisations you would expect to see small blocks or stones but not here with Hanan Pacha. Here we find scooped out rock in a random selection of rectangular/square/trapezoid/stairwell shapes. But then occasionally we come across simply beautiful but incredibly out of place/time marvels such as these –



Simply mind blowing!

Another interesting feature which you will find while looking through photos of Hanan Pacha rocks is that some of them are ‘preserved’ by a later culture who built walls around them. For what purpose I don’t know maybe you can work it out here’s some examples of this –


ollpisaqCUSCO 1207 MKIIN 2 -0169

Quite something hey!?!?



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