The aim of this blog is to study, understand and simply marvel at the truly astonishing work of the Ancient Megalithic Builders. There are 3 types of construction which interest me the most. Here’s an example of each one –

Original –

This style has a distinctive almost ‘scooped out’ randomness to it and doesn’t include ‘brick’ type buildings.

Second –


This style uses large megalithic stones of random shape perfectly fitted together.

Third –


This style uses perfectly fitted blocks some shaped on 5 sides to such precision that you can’t get a human hair between them.

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The Face of Wiracocha and other Wonders at Ollantaytambo


Wiracocha was an Inca and Pre Inca creator god. Here at Ollantaytambo we see his face carved into a mountain side! They would have needed ladders over a 1000 ft tall to reach this high! The face is 500 ft from the bottom of the beard to the top of the crown what a feat to have made this! Did they hover/absail/climb?? Who knows the answer, not me!


And very close-by we find this! –


And from above –


Look at the SIZE of those stones! Gigantic and shaped as smooth as butter. Who could have done this? Check this out –



Who builds walls like that? Not us we build walls like this –


Oh dear! Not us then 🙂 Before we leave Ollantaytambo just have a think about this –


Who could move giant blocks like this around? Why didn’t they use smaller stones which are easier to build with and also to transport around? Just what was the purpose of all this? It’s a MYSTERY!

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Ñaupa Iglesia


You will be hard pushed to find a more stunningly beautiful work of stone art on the face of the Earth than Ñaupa Iglesia! What an enigma this place is. Found in a side valley near Cusco this place is very special. Firstly we have this –



Incomplete as someone in their wisdom decided to blow the top off with dynamite probably hoping it contained gold. There are no words. We can now only imagine what this looked like when it was complete but as it is it’s still spell binding! And like most of these sites in Peru there’s more! Take a look at this –




WTH! I mean really, this is most perculiar. Where did this style come from? It seems to have arrived fully formed and then it vanished without any sign of progression whatsoever! How can that be? It can’t but here it is a strange mysterious anomaly in the Peruvian Andes.

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The Coricancha



This is a work of utter brilliance! The sheer precision of this masterpiece boggles the mind. No mortar is used here to set the stones in place yet the walls are solid, you cannot push them over. Take a look from above –




How about that! Look at the way the stones fit together you cannot get a human hair between them. Simply amazing. Now let’s close in on the stone work –


See the niche? That’s there to stop the stone sliding during an earthquake. The stone cannot passover it unless it lifts up the stones above it. Genius! Again look at the beauty in this stone work –


What can you say? And then we have this –


Well I’m dumbfounded how about you?

One final note about this astounding work of art is when you take away all the surrounding walls which were built later and also the protective roof remember one thing ….. this was built in a JUNGLE!



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Original Hanan Pacha Builders



This style is as baffling as any style could possibly be. None of it makes any sense to a modern western viewers eye. Civilisations mainly build houses to live in but you can’t live in this style of building, it’s decorative or functional but certainly not built for shelter. Civilisations use materials which are easy for them to build with so for the very ancient civilisations you would expect to see small blocks or stones but not here with Hanan Pacha. Here we find scooped out rock in a random selection of rectangular/square/trapezoid/stairwell shapes. But then occasionally we come across simply beautiful but incredibly out of place/time marvels such as these –



Simply mind blowing!

Another interesting feature which you will find while looking through photos of Hanan Pacha rocks is that some of them are ‘preserved’ by a later culture who built walls around them. For what purpose I don’t know maybe you can work it out here’s some examples of this –


ollpisaqCUSCO 1207 MKIIN 2 -0169

Quite something hey!?!?



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